Active Shooter Defense Training-Feb. 14th meeting

The GHPCA is thinking outside the box to present relevant, useful programming for its members.

In today’s uncertain times, it is important to keep our technicians and staff safe and prepared in all situations.

Whether servicing a commercial property, private home or working in the office, our technicians and staff could find themselves in a dangerous situation. With you and your team in mind, the GHPCA is proud to present Stephen Daniel
Senior Community Liaison with the Houston Police Department.Stephen Daniel, Active Shooter Training, Houston Police Department

Mr. Daniel brings a passion for Active Shooter Defense training as well as over 35 years of experience in security/law enforcement.

For over 20 years Mr. Daniel has been a member of the ATF Bomb Council. In 2007 he joined the Houston Police Department as Senior Community Liaison. Beginning the first of 2011 he began facilitating “Active Shooter Defense” training with Sgt. Lee Lawrence of the HPD SWAT team.

In October of 2011, as Sgt. Lawrence deployed to Afghanistan with his Army Ranger detachment, Mr. Daniel began promoting and presenting the Active Shooter Defense program in Houston. To date over 41,000 citizens have be trained in Active Shooter survival.