Dr. Becky Grubbs, TAMU

Dr. Grubbs’ presentation will cover: Cultural/preventative management tips for fall IPM principles Chemical control tips for select diseases (large patch, take-all, pythium)

Skeeters Fundraiser

Fund raise for the: Greater Houston Pest Control Association Skeeters Fundraiser Saturday, July 13, 2019 – 6:05 PM Game Time Parrothead Night with Jersey GiveawayGates will open at 5:00 p.m. for the giveaway $12 TICKETS! $4 from each Ticket goes Option to add Food Voucher for $6 (Hot dog, chipsContinue Reading

Rudy Bueno- Public Health Entomologist

Rudy Bueno is currently an Independent Consultant.  From Feb 2005 – Dec 2013 Rudy was the Mosquito Control Division Director for Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services He was responsible for overseeing operational and administrative activities of the Mosquito Control Division. Operational activities included the surveillance and control of mosquito borneContinue Reading

2019 GHPCA Vendor Night Invitation

Don’t miss the GHPCA Annual Vendor Night at the historic Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston. Attendees – You can RSVP and pay online on our website www.ghpca.org or email your RSVP to rsvp.ghpca@gmail.com and pay at the door. Either way, please let us know you’ll be there. We wantContinue Reading