Greater Houston Pest Control Association

Please remember that all GHPCA Board Members are volunteers who work for various pest control companies. The GHPCA does not have a bricks and mortar location. The phone numbers listed are for our individual pest control companies.

If you call to speak with one of us regarding GHPCA business please be sure to ask for the individual with whom you wish to speak and state that it has to do with GHPCA.  We are more than happy to take your call, but the people answering the phones in our individual offices will NOT be able to answer GHPCA questions.


For General Association questions email us at

Please include your phone if you would like someone to call you regarding this contact request.
Is there a specific person in the GHPCA organization this email should be directed to? If not, you may leave this blank.

RSVP for meetings:

To contact specific board members visit our Officers Page.

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