Donna George
Integrated Pest Management, Inc.
Integrated Pest Management, Inc.
Adam Jacko
Vice President
Coastal Fumigation/End-O-Pest
Dennis Cowles
GHPCA Treasurer
Acme All Pest Exterminators
Acme All Pest Exterminators
Josh Perez
GHPCA Secretary
Texan Mosquito Systems
Texan Mosquito Systems
Brayden Stockton
GHPCA Allied Director
Business Development Manager at SiteOne Landscape Supply
SiteOne Landscape Supply
Mike Donewar
GHPCA Allied Director
Target Specialty Products
Target Specialty Products
Ted Lieb
GHPCA Past President
Gillen Pest Control
Gillen Pest Control


  1. This message is to Donna George. Good morning and I hope this is a great day for you. Donna I am trying to find out some information in regards to getting my pest control license once again. I first had mine in I believe it was 1974 but I let them expire. I received my license again in 2003 because I went to Iraq to rid pest for our soldiers. I really thought my pest control days were over but they are not. Could you contact me please? I need to know what all I need to do to get going once again , can you please help me?
    Please call me 832-212-4274.
    My nickname is Termite Watkins
    Thank you

  2. Author

    Hello Mr. Watkins,
    I apologize for not getting back to you. I get so much junk mail through this I assumed this was another.
    If you haven’t already gotten your answer, I will do some research for you. Let me know where you are in the process at this point.
    You can email me at

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