Scott Smith with Bell Laboratories | A Comprehensive Approach to Rodent Control | 1 Gen Pest CEU Offered

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Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 | 1 General Pest CEU offered

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  1.   The Need for Rodent Pest Management
    1. A. Public health threat
    2. B. Economic losses
  2.   Identification of Three Commercial Rodents
    1. Biology and behavior
    2. Senses and capabilities
  3. Rodent Inspection
    1. Detection of rodent signs
    2. Determining where baits should be used
  4. Harborage Reduction and Rodent Proofing
    1. Sanitation
    2. Exclusion
  5. Baiting and Trapping
    1. Knockdown of Population
      1. Acute vs. Chronic (Single-feed anticoagulants)
      2. Bait Forms (advantages and disadvantages)
        1. Seed
        2.  Meal
        3. Extruded Blox
        4. Pellet
        5. Liquid
        6.  Tracking powders
      3. Monitoring and Maintenance Baiting
        1. Multiple-Feed anticoagulants
        2. Non-toxic baits
  6. Bait Stations and their Uses
    1. Tamper-resistant
    2. Other
  7. Mechanical Devices and Uses
    1. Glue boards
    2. Snap traps
    3. Repeating traps
  8. Summary
    1. Questions and Answers
    2. Discussion
Scott Smith Rodent Control

Scott Smith is currently the West Region Manager and Board Certified Entomologist for the Madison, WI based company Bell Laboratories, Inc. Along with his responsibilities of providing continuing education courses under the auspices of the Texas Department of Agriculture and lending his technical expertise to teach pest management professionals how to eliminate rodent issues through RPM (rodent pest management) programs, he is also managing three Bell Laboratories technical reps in the South Central and Western regions of the U.S. He currently resides in Southlake, TX.
Scott graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Entomology.